tech-invest is the leading operator in the Telecom Infrastructure in France specializing in the implementation of Telecom Tower Trees perfectly integrated into their surroundings.

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Helping telecom operators provide better 4G and (and soon 5G) coverage in the most in exceptional locations…

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Why us?

We can help you if you are looking for better network coverage and if you want to minimise the visual impact on the environment of multiple Telecom Towers.
  • Together we find the best locations to implant your Telecom Tower Trees
  • Our Towers support several operators
  • Our Tower Trees blend in perfectly with their surroundings
Tech-Invest Integrated Telecom Tower Trees

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tech-invest : multi-opérateurs


tech-invest provides mobile phone operators with its Tower Trees, helping operators enhance and develop their networks. All our towers are multiple operator which avoids duplication of towers in the same spot. They blend in perfectly with their surroundings so as to preserve the natural beauty of your landscapes.
  • Coverage…

    Expansion of your sales proposition and coverage

  • Enviromental footprint…

    Reduces your environmental footprint

Tech-invest experts régionaux

Regional Experts

Our strong market, technical and legal knowledge help us to avoid making mistakes which often block municipalities in approving projects. It is with the help of our regional experts combined with our innovative approach to integration that we are able to establish ourselves in exceptional locations.

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